New and emerging technologies are driving unprecedented change, reshaping our world, creating uncertainty and impacting upon the success of your business or organisation. In this environment 4Sight helps you make informed decisions and shape a future that leverages opportunities and mitigates threats.


At 4Sight we use our interdisciplinary expertise as technology futurists in the agribusiness, forest products and renewable product sectors. We scan the technology landscape and socio-economic environment to identify technology landmarks with the potential to positively change the future of your organisation.


4Sight offers multi-faceted technology solutions exploring new synergies and inter-relationships, where product development is aligned with business development leading to new business strategies for your organisation.




Arlene has twenty-five years’ experience in managing global technology developments and initiatives in the forestry and forest products sector, gained while working for the multinational pulp and paper company Sappi Ltd.

Her expertise in new technology scouting and tracking, aimed at identifying opportunities for investment and commercial implementation, began while leading Sappi’s global research programme for biotechnology. With the long-range foresight and innovation management skills developed during this time, Arlene went on to manage Sappi’s Technology Futures Cluster and the company’s Exciter Programme, a multi-million-dollar corporate research and development initiative directed at breakthrough technical and product innovation. At a time when Sappi saw rapid decline in its core graphics papers market, Arlene, using the futures approach, worked with multidisciplinary teams across the business, to identify new opportunities and drive the incorporation of new business development into Sappi’s technology and global strategy.

In addition to skills in futuring, technology scouting and strategy development, Arlene, has experience in all aspects of project management for innovation and product development including, the technical development, intellectual property management and alignment of these with new business development and marketing processes. While fascinated by the future development of most technologies, Arlene, has particular knowledge and understanding of biotechnology (both plant and industrial), genetics and genomics, tree and crop improvement and propagation, and bio-refinery technologies.

Stuart has twenty-seven years’ global technology development and management experience as well as wide -ranging knowledge in the forestry, wood-processing, agriculture and agribusiness and natural resources sectors. Stuart worked for the CSIR as well as major multinationals including Shell International and Sappi Ltd.

During his time with Shell, Stuart developed a passion for scenario planning and forecasting. Subsequently, Stuart was appointed as Sappi’s Manager of Technology Futures where he established the Technology Futures Cluster, a think tank of global experts in the field of pulp, paper, biotechnology and related fields, developed scenarios for the future of paper as a communication, storage and packaging medium and managed Sappi’s multi-milliondollar future technology and product development programme.

Since leaving Sappi Stuart has been involved in numerous projects including the development and approval of integrated land-use and sustainable development plans for southern Gabon, the mapping of the agriculture and agribusiness landscape in the southern African sub-region, bio-technology strategies for Sappi, carbon tax and offset strategies for York Timbers and forest research and development strategies for a major forest research institute.

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